Desertion by River Savage

Description : Desertion
One Jesse

“What’s the first thing you’re going to do, Staff Sergeant?” Corporal Jefferies asks from the back of the Humvee as our convoy makes its way back to base. We just did our last patrol through the city of Kandahar. We've been in Afghanistan for the last six months, six long fucking months and this time next week, we will be heading home. I fucking hate this place, the polluted air, the death, the injustice; it all clouds my judgment.

“Gonna find my ass in the first diner I can find, ordering one of everything off the menu.”

“Of course you are.” Corporal Conner smirks beside me, knowing how much I love a good fucking meal. “I, on the other hand, am gonna bury myself in a tight pussy for days.” He groans and I can’t help but grin at the fucker. “Jesus, I can’t wait. What about you, Jefferies, you ready to see your girl?” Conner continues after radioing our coordinates.

“Got a Dear John from her last week,” Jefferies says, wiping the smile off my face. Fuck.

“Fuck, man, that’s rough,” Conner curses and it’s better than what I would say. Fucking bitch.

“Yeah, think she’s been fucking around. Says she needs some time to think.” I shake my head at the fucked-up situation my friend found himself in.

“Well, fuck her. Fuck her and her timing,” Conner says, his eyes still facing the front, still checking our surroundings.

“Yeah, I really thought she was the one for me,” Jefferies says, and I have to hand it to him, the fucker’s been holding out on us, didn’t see iting at all. Though if I had a woman back home and the bitch sent me a Dear John, I wouldn’t fucking share. Don’t give a fuck how close I am with these fuckers....
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