Dirty Trick by Christine Bell

Description : Dirty Trick
Grace Love stared at the telephone she’d just hung up and blew out a sigh. Fridays were usually her favorite day of the week, but today was sliding downhill faster than Shaun White at the X-Games. Chaz Stanhope’s second annual Halloween bash was tomorrow, and she was officially dateless. Halloween was the biggest night of the year in Salem, and party playboy Chaz had invited practically every young, unmarried person in town. This year, he was expecting a record turnout. What would all those people think if the owner of Love Will Find A Way matchmaking service showed up solo to a party? Again.

Terrible PR. Especially when she and Serena were hoping to add Chaz to their elite list of male clients.

She slumped forward to rest her forehead on the smooth surface of her walnut desk, breathing in theforting scent of lemon oil. The desk she’d inherited from her grandmother had always smelled that way. In fact, her grandmother had pretty much smelled that way, too. Tears stung her eyes at the bittersweet memories, and she inhaled deeply one more time. She had to get a grip. Showing up to a party without a date wasn’t the end of the world. If Gram was here, what would she have said? Probably, “Fuck ‘em. Go have fun, girlie,” Grace thought with a half-smile. She’d been a real pistol, all the way up to the very day cancer had taken her. Her last words to Grace were feebly whispered.

“Don’t even think about visiting tomorrow if you’re not going to bring some bourbon with you, for chrissake.”

“Hey, what’s shakin’?”

Grace lifted her head. Her best friend and partner, Serena Elliott, stood draped in the doorway, looking every bit the trust-fund brat she was, decked in head to toe Lanvin, capped off by over-sized sunglasses...
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