Down the Aisle by Christine Bell

Description : Down the Aisle
Lacey Garrity—soon to be Thomas, once she got hitched next week—erased the last of the math problems from the chalkboard and turned to face the students.

“Okay, guys. If any of you need extra help before the test let me know. If not, focus on the last two chapters and do your sample tests, and I’m sure you’ll all be fine.”

A few of the kids shifted in their putty-colored chairs, like a heat of runners taking their marks. It was Friday, and this group had already gone the extra mile by staying almost two hours late—during summer school, no less—to get algebra help for next week’s final. She’d reached the end of their attention span, and she didn’t blame them one bit. She was on the same page. Galen would be home in an hour, and they were going to put some steaks on the grill. Then, if she was lucky…

She grinned. “I can see you guys itching to get out of here, so go.”

All twenty of the fourteen-year-olds stood at once and made a mass exodus toward the door—which was why it was so strange to see one of them fighting her way back in through the crowd, like a salmon heading upstream in a river surrounded by bears.

“’Scuse me. Pardon me.”

Ah, not a student at all, Lacey realized when she heard the exasperated voice. It was her best friend and sister-in-law to be, Cat.

“Jesus, watch the kicks, Junior. These are Jimmy Choo’s and cost more than a year’s supply of tater tots and chicken patties at this place.”

The kids ignored her, barreling out of the room like it was on fire, which was good. The less time they spent around Cat the better.

Lacey crossed her arms and gave her friend the stink eye.

“Damn, they’re making ‘em so...
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