Fall Fury by Jaci Burton

Description : Fall Fury
Early September

Boston, Massachusetts

Max Devlin heaved a sigh and opened the doors to his father’s library.

They were all in the room, gathered together for another family meeting. Healready knew the subject, knew what was going to be discussed, and how it wouldaffect him.

His parents smiled at him, and he smiled back, already feeling the strange senseof loss, even though it would be another few weeks before he left. Family waseverything. The pack wasn’t supposed to separate. But what James and Patricia Devlin ordered was law. As his parents and the prime leaders of their pack, noone would second guess their plans for the future. He knew it was as hard forthem to let go as it was for all of them to leave. They hadn’t made the decisionlightly, but the future of their kind rested on the Devlins and other families liketheirs.

“Hey everyone,” he said, forcing a smile that he didn’t feel.

Jason looked up and grinned, then put his arm around Kelsey, his fiancée. Shesmiled tentatively, still feeling her way around the Devlin brood. She wasn’t shy,which was a good thing with this family. But he sensed a hesitance about her,almost as if she wasn’t yet sure whether or not they’d all pounce on her at anygiven moment. Max smiled at the thought.

“Hi Max,” she said.

He stopped and kissed her cheek. “Settling in okay?”

She nodded. “Yes. Surprisingly. I thought it would be…”

“Weirder?” he offered in response.

Kelsey laughed, her face lighting up. It was easy to see why Jason had fallen inlove with her. “Yes, that’s a good enough word.”

“Let me tell you a secret. We are weird. Get used to it.”

“I’ll keep that...
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