Gift of Fire by Jayne Ann Krentz

Description : Gift of Fire
"This entire plan," Verity Ames announced, "is a really stupid idea. When it came to giving outmon sense, the good Lord obviously overlooked you two. Or maybe he just overlooked men in general."

She glared across the table at the two men who sat opposite her. One was her lover and one was her father. She loved them both but right now she could cheerfully have strangled them. That she could be so fond of a pair of chauvinistic, bullheaded rogues probably indicated a serious character flaw in her.

"Now, Red, just calm down. I've told you there's absolutely no reason to worry. It's gonna be a cakewalk. No sweat." Her father's teeth flashed from the depths of his bushy, graying red beard, and his aquamarine eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. Emerson Ames, part-time author and full-time adventurer, was a big man with a huge appetite for life in the dangerous lane.

Verity had gotten her flaming hair and curiously striking blue eyes from him. Emerson had raised her single-handedly after her mother's death, and he'd seen to it that his only child grew up with a thorough, if eclectic, education, and the ability to take care of herself. One of the things Emerson had not managed to instill in her, however, was his unquenchable desire to wander the far corners of the earth. Verity valued home and hearth.

"Don't try to reassure me, Dad. I've listened to the whole scheme and I still think it's stupid and risky.

Samuel Lehigh got himself into this mess. Let him get himself out of it. There's no need for you and Jonas to get involved."

"Lehigh's in real trouble this time, Verity. He needs help. He needs someone he can trust," Jonas said.

He extended one arm with unconscious grace and picked up the glass of vodka in front...
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