Golden Fool by Robin Hobb

Description : Golden Fool

The loss of a bond-beast is a difficult event to explain to the non-Witted. Those who can speak of the death of an animal as “It was only a dog” will never grasp it. Others, more sympathetic, perceive it as the death of a beloved pet. Even those who say, “It must be like losing a child, or a wife,” are still seeing only one facet of the toll. To lose the living creature that one has been linked with is more than the loss of apanion or loved one. It was the sudden amputation of half my physical body. My vision was dimmed, my appetite diminished by the insipid flavor of food. My hearing was dulled and

The manuscript, begun so many years ago, ends in a flurry of blots and angry stabbings from my pen. I can recall the moment at which I realized I had slipped from writing in generalities into my own intimate rendering of pain. There are creases on the scroll where I flung it to the floor and stamped on it. The wonder is that I only kicked it aside rather thanmitting it to the flames. I do not know who took pity on the wretched thing and shelved it on my scroll rack. Perhaps it was Thick, doing his tasks in his methodical, unthinking way. Certainly I find nothing there that I would have saved.

So it has often been with my writing efforts. My various attempts at a history of the Six Duchies have too often meandered into a history of myself. From a treatise on herbs my pen would wander to the various treatments for Skill ailments. My studies of the White Prophets delve too deeply into their relationships with their Catalysts. I do not know if it is conceit that always turns my thoughts to my own life, or if my writing is my own pathetic effort to explain my life to myself. The years havee and gone in their scores of turnings, and night after night, I still take pen in hand and write. Still I strive...
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