Guardian For Hire by Christine Bell

Description : Guardian For Hire
Sarabeth Lucking stared at her monitor without blinking, utter disbelief keeping the horror temporarily at bay.

Nico Stefanopoulis, alleged con man and principal player in the high-profile scandal that occurred at his couple’s retreat, The Healing Place, was found dead today in his Los Angeles penthouse apartment. LAPD has refused toment on the cause of death, but the Times has learned that Stefanopoulis is not the only person involved in the notorious blackmailing scheme to have met with tragedy in recent weeks.

Her fleece hoodie, damp with sweat from that morning’s run, chilled against her skin, and she suppressed a shiver. There was no need to scroll down and read further. She knew the rest. First Liza. Then Marcel. Now Nico. It didn’t take a PhD to see the pattern.

Bracing her elbows on the desk in front of her, she buried her head in her hands. Tears pricked the back of her lids, but she blinked them back. She wouldn’t cry for that bastard. He’d ruined her life…all of their lives with his greed and dishonesty.

And now he was dead.

Salty droplets streaked down her cheeks and plunked onto the keyboard, skittering off the well-worn keys. Damn it, Nico.

Her landline jangled, jarring her from her dark thoughts. When the story about the retreat broke a few months before, she’d had no choice but to change her personal number. Now, only four people had it, and she knew exactly which one of them was on the other end of the line. She slipped off her glasses and swiped at her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt.


“Are you okay?” Lindy demanded, concern coloring her usually peppy tone.

“I’m fine. I guess you saw, then.”

Lindy sighed. “Owen heard from Gavin last night, but I...
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