Indebted Epilogue by Pepper Winters

Description : Indebted Epilogue
KITE007: COME TO bed.

Needle&Thread: I’m working. Almost finished on this dress.

Kite007: I don’t care. Come to bed. My cock is hard. My arms are empty. I want to fuck you.

Needle&Thread: So bossy.

Kite007: And you’re back to being a tease with your naughty nun outfit.

Needle&Thread: I’m neither a tease nor a nun. For your information, I’ve been designing a very important outfit tonight.

Kite007: Teasing again. I might have toe down there and spank you.

Needle&Thread: You can spank me, but not here. You’re not allowed to see.

Kite007: Now I’m hard and pissed off. What are you hiding from me?

Needle&Thread: My wedding dress, oh so impatient husband-to-be. Or did you forget about our marriage next week?

Kite007: Fuck. Say that again.

Needle&Thread: What? Marriage? Wedding Dress? Husband-to-be? I’m going to be your wife soon; you have to stop being so demanding by text message. Otherwise, I’ll just delete your number.

Kite007: Your teasing is driving me insane. I’m touching myself, Needle. I want you lips where my hand is and my tongue between your legs.

Needle&Thread: I want that, too.

Kite007: Come to bed.

Needle&Thread: I have a better idea. Come find me. Come claim me. Come fuck me as your naughty nun before I be your wife.

Kite007: Your wish is mymand…better start running, little Weaver. I won’t be gentle when I find you.

Three Months Before…

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