Infatuation by River Savage

Description : Infatuation
Past Mackenzie

“You’re nothing but a stupid fucking bitch. Do you know that? You think I don’t know what you’re doing?” The insult rolls off him with ease, twisting my insides into knots with each word.

“I’m sorry.” I try to placate him, still unsure what’s happening here. It’s not the first time he’s lost his temper or called me a name; in fact, it’s be a weekly occurrence the last few months, but tonight something’s changed. It’s like he’se unhinged.

“You’re sorry? You’re always fucking sorry.” Spit hits my face, just above my eye, but I don’t reach up to wipe it. Fear freezes me, anchoring me in my place.

“I didn’t mean it, Chad.” The admission falls from my lips, but I still don’t understand why he’s so angry.

“You didn’t mean it?” His bark echoes around the confined space of the bathroom he’s cornered me in.

“No.” I shake my head. My mind races, cataloguing everything that transpired tonight.

We were at a benefit for his dad. Mayor Morre’s annual fundraiser. I was polite, stuck by Chad’s side all night, smiled and only spoke when spoken to. Exactly how he expects me to act. Judging by the state he’s in right now, I know I messed up somewhere during the night. I just don’t know where.

“Do you know how pathetic you looked? Like a fucking whore.” He continues to unleash his verbal abuse. I know they’re only words; I shouldn’t let them affect me, but each one tears away at my confidence. Tears away at the love we’ve shared.

“Do you want to fuck him?” His voice drips in venom, disgust chasing every word as he takes a step closer.

“Who, Chad?”...
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