Legend's Passion by Jaci Burton

Description : Legend's Passion
Dylan Maxwell prowled Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, waiting for his contact.

Some woman with dark hair. Yeah, great description. That told him a lot.

Then again, at two in the morning, he didn’t expect to find a lot of females wandering the depths of the park. In fact, with the recent killings it was damned dangerous for a woman to wander alone in one of these parks in the middle of the night. He wondered if she was planning to bring someone along to protect her.

Zipping his jacket closed, he leaned against the thick tree and tried to discern which direction the infernal wind wasing from. He finally gave up, deciding it was swirling in off the Bay and hitting from all sides. There was no hope of getting warm.

He was just going to be cold.

It was freakin’ July, for the love of God. How could it possibly be so cold in California in July? It was supposed to be summer here. Home in Oklahoma he’d be sweltering, the air conditioner cranked. Not that he got home that often anymore.

Working for the National Crime Agency kept him on the road nearly all the time. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d either had a vacation or been home.

Damn good thing he liked to travel.

And now he was loitering in a park, skulking behind a tree like a pervert. He was really going to have to get better info out of the NCA analysts. This was a big case. The murders were grisly, all having occurred in parks in the middle of the night, and the remains—well, what had been left of the bodies anyway—hadn’t given them much information. And they were similar to killings that occurred previously in other West Coast states a couple years ago, which was why the NCA had been called in.

They’d been following this case for months, with very few leads...
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