Love Me Tonight by Cassia Leo

Description : Love Me Tonight

Hunting Luke

by Cassia Leo

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All characters and events appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

NOTE: This short story takes place after the events of Cassia Leo's Luke series.

Hunting Luke

by Cassia Leo


When you’re married to a billionaire, youe to dread special occasions that require the giving of gifts. My first Christmas with Luke, before we were married, I was six months pregnant so I was given a pass on doing anything too extravagant or adventurous. I was eight months pregnant and on bed rest for our first Valentine’s Day, so I spent the day being pampered at home. But last Christmas, our first as a married couple, was a nightmare. What do you get a billionaire for Christmas?

I didn’t get Luke anything last Christmas. I lugged Lucas, Jr., and the new bodyguard Luke insisted I take with me everywhere, around to every shopping center in Seattle. Nothing seemed good enough or original enough for Luke. Every merchant I spoke to gave me the same tired suggestions: a watch engraved with something meaningful, tickets to see his favorite sports team, a bottle of his favorite expensive bourbon. It was all so clichéd. And between Lucas screaming in one ear and photographers screaming in my other ear, shopping for Luke quickly became a nightmare. I didn't know how people did this with more than one child.

This Valentine’s Day would be different. I wasn’t pregnant. Lucas would be spending three days at my mother’s house—our first time away from him in the ten months since he was...
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