Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

Description : Loving Mr. Daniels
~ Twenty Months Ago ~

I don’t know what to tell you,

I don’t know what to say.

I only know that caring for you brings on more pain.

~ Romeo’s Quest

Absorbed in a stream of murky thoughts and annoyance, I parked the Jeep near the alley. I’d never been to this part of town. I hardly knew it existed. The night’s sky was drunk on darkness, the late winter chill affecting my level of irritation. My eyes shifted to the car’s dashboard.

Five thirty a.m.

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t show up for him again. His actions had created a vast crater between our relationship, destroying all that we used to be. But I knew I couldn’t keep that promise of staying away. He was my brother. Even when he f**ked up—which he did often—he was still my brother.

It was at least fifteen minutes before I saw Jacee limping out of the alleyway and holding his side tight. I sat up in my seat, my eyes locking with his.

“Dammit, Jace,” I muttered, hopping out of my car and slamming the door closed. I moved in closer, allowing a streetlight to shine down on his face. His left eye was swollen shut, his bottom lip sliced open. His white shirt was stained red with his own blood. “What the hell happened?” I screamed in a whisper, helping him to the Jeep.

He groaned.

He tried to smile.

He groaned again.

I slammed his door shut and hurried back into the driver’s seat.

“They f**king stabbed me.” He wiped his fingers against his face, only spreading more blood across it. He laughed once, but his appearance showcased the significance of the situation. “I told Red I would have his money by next week—”—he cringed—“and he sent his guys to handle...
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