Mountain Moonlight by Jaci Burton

Description : Mountain Moonlight
Vlasov, Romania

The private car stopped in front of the Hotel Vlasov, the only modern hotel in avillage that looked like something out of the past. Quaint medieval buildings were interspersed around a twin-towered, modern luxury hotel, aing together of old and new all nestled in the tiny town situated at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains.

Conner Devlin sighed and shrugged his shoulders, tension knotting every muscle in his body. What a long damn flight followed by an equally lengthy car ride. If hedidn’t see the cramped confines of an airplane or vehicle for the next year, he’d be a happy man.

“’Bout damn time we got here.”

Conner stretched, nodding at his brother, Noah. “I’m sick of travel.”


Hopefully they’d get their business out of the way fast so he could get back home.

The hotel was small, yet elegantly furnished with a Russian flair. Ornate wall hangings decorated the lobby, abination of both modern and old-world with opulent gold-toned chairs sitting alongside chrome and glass tables.

The floor was beige and cream marble, slick and polished to a gleaming shine. Fading sunlight filtered in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, showcasing a dynamicview of the Carpathians.

By the time they checked in, the need to stretch out and run was like a fire burning inside him. He’d definitely need a trek into the nearby woods tonight.

But now the sun shone just above the tip of the mountains, its rays slicing through the clouds and reflecting off the green hillsides. He gazed up at the Carpathians. Somewhere up there was Braslieu castle. And within the property the Braslieu family owned were his kin.

Distant kin, but blood nonetheless. And Devlins protected their own. Otherwise he’d...
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