River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz

Description : River Road
Who appointed you my guardian angel?” Lucy Sheridan asked.

She was pissed—really, really pissed. But she was also thrilled. She was alone with Mason Fletcher, driving down a narrow, moonlit road. It should have been the most romantic night of her life—the stuff teen dreams were made of. But Mason had ruined everything by treating her like a kid who didn’t know enough toe in out of the rain.

She slouched deep into the passenger side of the truck, one sneaker-clad foot braced against the dashboard, arms folded tightly around her middle.

“I’m not anyone’s guardian angel,” Mason said. He did not take his attention off the road. “I’m doing you a favor tonight.”

“Whether I like it or not. I’m supposed to be grateful?”

“Brinker’s little party is not going to end well. There’s booze and drugs and a lot of underage kids. You don’t want to be there when the cops break it up.”

Mason’s calm, ice-cold certainty was infuriating. You’d never know that he was nineteen, just three years older than her, she thought. The realities of teenage life made that an unbridgeable gap, of course. To him, she was what Aunt Sara would call jailbait.

But it was worse than that. Mason was not just nineteen—he was nineteen going on thirty. Aunt Sara said that he had the eyes of an old soul.

True, Sara often described people in weird ways. She and her business partner, Mary, were heavily into the whole meditation, enlightenment, be-in-the-moment thing. But Lucy had to admit there was something to what Sara said about Mason. He was already a man in ways she doubted any of the boys at the party tonight would ever be. He made them all look like they were still in middle school.

She was starting...
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