Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Description : Rock Hard

CHARLOTTE CLOSED THE FINAL updated folder with a smile.

Pushing back from her desk after shutting down herputer, she stretched to loosen up the kinks, then decided to visit the restroom before heading out to catch the 6:15 bus home. It was a good bet it’d be blissfully empty this late on a Saturday since most people wereing into the city while she was heading in the opposite direction.

She could sit against the window and people-watch as the bus snaked up and out of the city’s central business and entertainment district. Maybe she’d read the little booklet that described the spa treatments she planned to indulge in tomorrow. Her best friend had given her a gift card months ago, back on her birthday, but with work being so frantic as the interim management team tried to hold things together, followed by all the prep for the arrival of the new boss on Monday, she’d had no chance to use it.

Nudging her wire-framed glasses farther up her nose as she exited the restroom, she let herself back onto the floor, her mind already on the spa treatments she’d booked. The idea of a therapeutic mud bath had her close to a giggle—she’d chosen that one just so she could tell Molly she’d blown the gift card on fancy mud. Her friend would get a kick out of it.

Tonight, however, she had a date with the oven; she was itching to try out her new recipe for banana-nut cupcakes with buttercream frosting. All she had to do was grab her purse and coat and catch the elevator down. An easy five-minute walk to the bus stop, and if the service was running on time, she’d be on her way home soon afterward.

It was as she passed the fourth cubicle down that she heard it. A door slamming lightly against a wall, as if someone had pushed it a little...
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