Running Mate by Jaci Burton

Description : Running Mate
“Jason Devlin is over there.”

Kelsey Harper spun, looking where her father was pointing. Her heart picked up its usual frantic pacewhenever Senator Devlin was mentioned.

Leave it to Walter Harper to spot a news story in the making. As owner of The Washington Oracle,

D.C.’s popular newspaper, her father had a nose for a scoop better than anyone she’d ever seen.

She’d grown up around newspaper publishing and reporting, and wouldn’t dream of ever doing anythingelse. Kelsey lived for digging up a story, especially one related to politics, although she preferred to getthe goods on corrupt politicians and what they did behind the scenes.

“I don’t see him,” she said. Who could find anyone in the packed ballroom? She’d just arrived, so she missed dinner and the Senator’s speech and wasn’t certain he was still around. When Jason Devlin made an appearance, a sellout was guaranteed. Chances were, he was wherever the biggest crowd was gathered.

The man was simply news, and not only because of his principles. He was the “it” man in politics, andwas talked about as a potential Presidential candidate. He was also one of the best looking men she’dever seen. Six-foot-two and lean, with thick, dark hair and eyes the color of fine whiskey. A gorgeousman with a body to die for and a brain to match. His features screamed ‘aristocrat’, from his tanned,angular jaw to his straight nose. The most important thing about him was his single status. A perfectpackage, available for the one woman who could manage to snag him.

Not that Kelsey was interested in snagging him. She just wanted to uncover his secrets.

In Washington, D.C., and especially politics, everybody had a skeleton or two in their closets.

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