The Billionaire's Unlikely Bride 2 by Helen Cooper

Description : The Billionaire's Unlikely Bride 2
“So did you sneak into see Peter last night?” Brittany grinned at me as she sat back in the armchair in the corner of my hotel room.

“Uh no,” I stayed still in the bed, so scared that one move would somehow make the duvet fall off of me and expose a na**d Elliott to Brittany.

“Why not?” Brittany stared at me. “I should have told you that my dad sleeps early and he is a deep sleeper. He wouldn’t have known.”

“I, uh, I fell asleep.” I felt bad lying to Brittany but I didn’t know how to tell her that the reason I didn’t go to Peter’s room was because I had slept with her dad instead. Yeah, that would go down real well.

“Well, hurry up and get dressed Elle.” Brittany paused waiting for me to get up.

I had to think of something and quick. I was na**d under the covers and so was Brittany’s dad Elliott. The fact that he was now sucking on my ni**les under the covers was also making it very hard to concentrate.

“Uhm, I’ll meet you downstairs Brittany. You shouldn’t leave Mark by himself for too long.” Please Brittany, please go downstairs.

“Yeah, I should go look for my dad as well, make sure that Olivia doesn’t have her hooks in him.”

“Ha, yeah, you should do that.” I smile at her, thanking God she is about to leave.

“See you in the dining room in 30 minutes and don’t be late.” Brittany went sashaying out of the room and I only relaxed when I heard the door close.

“Is my daughter gone yet?” Elliott finally made his way back up the bed and out of the covers.

“I thought she would never leave.” I jumped up and got out of bed.

“Ooh, where are you going Elle?”...
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